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hello winter, goodbye hair

How was your weekend? Ours was freezing but still fun.


I couldn’t take the thought of another treadmill run so I put on 10000 layers and headed outside on Saturday. I tried to smile for this photo but my lips froze. Icicle eyelashes!


The wind hurt my face a little bit but other than that it was surprisingly nice to be outside in a refreshing, crazy person sort of way.


Sunday was less windy and a few degrees warmer. Round two!


I was in a rush to get home so I could sneak in an episode of The Crown during A’s nap. I guess that’s the secret to speed work these days :) Anyone else watch The Crown? I’m just a couple of episodes into season 1 but really like it so far!


PS, I also realized that the secret to warm hands on super cold days is to ball up your fists and keep your fingers as close together as possible. You don’t want too many glove layers to create space between your fingers — mitten-style is better. Once you have a nice tight fist, pack on as many layers of wind-proof, warm layers until your hands are the size of basketballs. And then start running.

Onto the big events of the weekend. First, Anthony’s birthday! I had a gift card to Blue Ridge Grill from winning the 5k the other weekend so we decided happy hour was in order!


Unfortunately Blue Ridge Grill was a total bust. Everything about it — the food, the drinks, the service, the atmosphere — was the pure definition of “bland.” The experience was so tragic it was actually funny so we ended up having a great time. Plus baby girl loved the french fries. So that was a win.


When we got home a real meal was in order! Fancy ravioli dinner for the birthday boy. Yes: In our house a block of cheese = perfect centerpiece.


Me – me – meatballs.


Ok. The other big news…


Goodbye hair! I hadn’t cut my hair in almost a year. The stylist was scared when I walked in and told her to take off 6+ inches, but she ended up doing a great job!


Think the shorter ponytail will make me a faster runner? I’ll have to test it out soon and report back.


Have a great week, guys!

4 thoughts on “hello winter, goodbye hair

  1. Love the new do. I just started watching The Crown with my oldest daughter. We like it so far too! I’ve heard it’s a great series.

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