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early morning + recent eats

Morning! If you have today off, I hope you’re still sleeping. A little someone woke us up at 4:30 :) Bagels were in order (though we had to wait until the shop opened at the ridiculously late hour of 6 a.m.)


I haven’t gone for a run yet, but am planning on doing so after I hit publish! I made it out on Saturday morning for one of the breeziest runs of my life. And by breeze, I mean 25-mile per hour winds! Not a single other soul spotted on the trail.


Six quick miles because I wanted to get home to a warm shower. Boston marathon people — have you started training yet? I can’t imagine running for more than 45 minutes or so in this weather. I’m much more a fall marathoner than a spring one, because the thought of training in this stuff is just too much!


Today’s run will probably be a short one. My butt is still burning from this little gem I discovered in the Nike Training Club app yesterday. It’s perfect for runners! The NTC app takes up a ton of space on my phone but it’s my #1 cross-training app. I actually deleted my HauteLook app to keep it, which speaks to its value.



Food break!


Cook Smarts’ blackened chicken salad goes down as one of my favorite meals for 2018! This salad got a fun twist with roasted radishes (I’ve always wondered how to cook radishes — haven’t you?!), homemade anchovy dressing, and real croutons we made in the oven. It sounds like a lot of work but it really wasn’t.


Question for the day. What is the difference between grape tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, and is this difference worth an extra $2 per pound?!


Let me know!