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dark o’clock + fancy dinner

The day begins at dark o’clock!


We got a dusting of snow here last night. Luckily it was still soft enough to run in this morning since no other footsteps had patted it down into ice yet :). I left a trail of Brooks Neuro steps for two miles out and two miles back.


Took it a little slower than usual due to the conditions. And due to my stomach being full of bagel.


I realized I never shared our long weekend highlights! Another icy run on Monday. This one was beautiful though — I wasn’t really able to capture to catch it on camera, but the frosty trees were sparkling in the sunlight!


BTW, this Gap Fit hoodie/jacket that I bought last year is still one of my favorites. It has a nice high neck and some reflective lining — perfect for cold, dark runs. The purple color is on sale today for $45! Another surprising find: the other day I walked into Abercrombie & Fitch for the first time in about 10 years. THESE leggings are great (not so much for winter running because they are thinner, but just for everyday wear). Cute and comfy, and I love the little cutouts on the side! Only $19!!!


Another event that I forgot to tell you about: Fancy dinner cooked by Anthony! I declared a temporary retirement from the kitchen all day on Saturday. He took charge of our meals for the day and went all out on this dish:


Stuffed calamari, Israeli cous cous, and a Mediterranean salad. Close up on that calamari:


I think the recipe he used was this one. First time I’ve ever had stuffed calamari. It’s unusual for sure, but tasty! (Especially if someone else does all the work stuffing and cooking it!)


Off to get the day started (at 2 pm. Oops.)!