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weekend: return of the running buddies

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was run-derful. I got to meet up with some old DC running buddies and enjoy the lovely weather. First up: a Saturday morning jog with Sokphal! She’s training for another marathon and needed some company on her 20-miler.


Longtime readers might remember this old running buddy! Flashback to 2014 when I lived just a little bit closer to the National Mall (miss you Anne!)



Sokphal and I headed out on the W&OD trail and talked mostly about marathon training and The Bachelor, aka my two favorite subjects. It’s been a while since I had some running company and I loved having someone to chat with as the miles went by. I wish I had more friends in my neighborhood to jog with — going to try and find some Ashburn runners to meet up with!


We covered eight miles together and my Garmin took forever to load satellites. So I only clocked 7.37 of them. After we said goodbye Sokpal went on to run another TWELVE! I can’t imagine running that far these days. That marathon I did a couple of months ago seems like a distant dream.


On Sunday we met up with Catherine, another old friend from our pre-Nashville, DC round 1 days! Here’s us five years ago:


Since then, we’ve both gotten married, changed jobs, and moved multiple times. And Anthony and I added a new family member :). So good catching up with her!


As for the rest of the weekend, we spent a lot of time playing with blocks and trucks. And some time playing with a new bagel recipe! I’m obsessed.


This time I used malt barley syrup instead of honey and for a more beer-y, fermented flavor. I also used more whole wheat flour, which I think is what made this batch slightly less fluffy and crispy. Next time I’m going to stick with all white!


I paired a buttery half with a bowl of lentil soup for a simple lunch.


Have a great week!

2 thoughts on “weekend: return of the running buddies

  1. I totally saw your friend Sokphal at the Cherry Blossom Race a few years ago. It was so weird bc I knew who she was but obviously she’d have no idea who I was. We live in a strange world. I have another book Tex for you: Little Fires Everywhere. So good!

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