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5 miles, 2 dinners

Morning! Yesterday slipped away from me. Today got off to a good start with a solid five miles!


It was dark and windy but not too cold out there. I felt a little meh on this run but now that I’m showered and sitting down with a warm cup of coffee, I feel so good that my workout is out of the way and the rest of the day is wide open!


Legs were a little sore because I went to the gym TWO days in a row. Usually I consider it a win if I do any sort of strength/non-running workout once a week! So I get an extra gold star for these efforts.


Plus I need to boost my strength for our trip to Australia next week! Lots of carrying a baby through airports and on airplanes for oh, say… *just* twenty hours or so. NBD. Despite the epic journey, I’m excited for our trip!

Lots of fresh veggies for the start of the week, and then over the weekend we will work on cleaning out all the leftovers in our fridge/freezer before we take off. Here’s a yummy Thai chicken salad we started with on Sunday:


Loved the veggie crunch and cashew sauce!


I know I rave about Cook Smarts all the time, but one of my favorite things about their meal plans is that they sneak in little efficiencies like doubling sauces and starches to use in multiple meals for the week. Our big batch of cashew sauce returned for round two on Tuesday in this sesame-ginger pork tenderloin dish.


In other news, my venture into Ben & Jerry’s ice cream continues. Their vanilla is good, but I wouldn’t say it’s better than Talenti. The B&J chocolate fudge brownie flavor, however, is a whole other story. No photos because the pint seemed to have disappeared in a single day.


Off to stock up on more ice cream. I’m having a Bachelor viewing party tonight so obviously we will need it!

7 thoughts on “5 miles, 2 dinners

  1. Australia, wow! We have a trip to Switzerland in May with our almost 15 month old and I’m already dreading the flight. But it’s nonstop and ‘only’ 8-9 hours, so I should stop whining. Seeing others do long plane trips with kids actually makes me feel better and that I’m not crazy for flying with a young toddler!

  2. Ah Australia – I am a reader from Perth! Hit me up if you need any advice on travel, running or babies – I have a 9month old! :)

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