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bachelor, biscuits, and a bit of a run

Hello! No run this morning because we were up too late watching The Bachelor. Three girlfriends came over to watch the EPIC DRAMA unfold. What do you guys think of Bekah M? Too young? And Krystal… ugh!


I threw a bunch of stuff in the slow cooker for an easy “everyone help yourself” kind of chili. Ground beef, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, diced tomatoes, and chili powder + cumin. Plus all the toppings and THIS delicious buttermilk cornbread.


I purposely went for a buttermilk cornbread because we had half a gallon on hand (why don’t they sell buttermilk in smaller quantities? Seems like a scam) to use up before we leave on Sunday! I bought it to make buttermilk biscuits the other morning (at 4 am). Baby girl is in a “I want to pick up my own food and serve myself” phase so I thought soft buttery biscuits might be a good option for her. They’re light and soft enough to pick up and bite, but firm enough to hold without crumbling. Perfect for little hands!


Excuse the bad photos because like I mentioned, I made these at 4 am when there was no sunlight and I was half asleep. Apparently the secret to fluffy biscuits, just like pie crusts, is to keep the butter extra cold while you “cut” it into the flour. The recipe I followed recommended using a cheese grater to shred the butter. Interesting approach!


I thought my biscuits turned out okay — not great, but not bad for a first attempt at homemade biscuits. They were a little tougher than I was hoping they’d be, and the whole grate/cut/chill the dough seemed like a bit too much effort.


Will I buy Pillsbury refrigerated biscuit dough next time? Probably so :)

And before I forget, here’s a little run recap! I went out for a jog on Sunday and am just telling you about it on Thursday. Where do the days go?


We were in a hurry to get to brunch, so I had to run extra fast! BTW, I plan on writing a post about how I got faster after giving birth. Spoiler: The big secret is that I have no time anymore, so I am forced to do speed work in order to survive :)


And per your comments yesterday, I’ll also plan on doing an “international travel with a baby” post when we return from Australia in a couple weeks! I will try to check in one more time before the big trip. And back to The Bachelor — any tips for how we can watch it in another country?!! I’m so stressed about possibly missing two episodes!

7 thoughts on “bachelor, biscuits, and a bit of a run

  1. Your homemade biscuits will get better (you are such a good bread maker anyway) – it takes practice to get light and fluffy biscuits! You could also try a drop biscuit next – that is easier. Also – buttermilk lasts well past its due date. You could also freeze it. Have a great trip!!!

  2. Everything was SO…amazing (this is Arie’s favorite word, right?)! Thanks for having me over! :) Maybe The Bachelor franchise will show in Oz and you can tell us what the difference is?

    • they have to touch each other?! crazy. okay, everyone in the comments is encouraging me to try biscuits again so i guess i’ll hold off on the pillsbury purchase for now. thanks!

  3. Hey – how to watch the Bachelor down under? It’s on TV here! https://www.9now.com.au/the-bachelor :)

    There is also a cool free VPN chrome app called Hola – http://hola.org/ – simple to download and you can then select what country you wish to watch from. So I can select UK and watch bbciplayer, US and watch ABC etc. Very handy

    (Will reply to your travel email properly later :) )

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