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down under!

We made it all the way to Australia! Traveling for 24 hours with a baby was a piece of cake ;). All you need is a firm grip on the stroller with one hand, firm grip on the coffee in the other.


We arrived in Brisbane on Tuesday morning (also known as Monday afternoon in the Eastern time zone) and settled in at my in-laws’ house. Alice was ready for a nap and even though Anthony and I wanted to nap too, we struggled through the sleepiness and went for a run. Sometimes the best way to beat the jetlag is to “sweat it out,” right?


Hot, hilly, sleep-deprived miles! Ouch.


Post-run pastry feast. The rest of the day was spent playing and eating lasagna. Aaaaannnd I might have given in to a little nap, after all :)


In anticipation of a rough night, Anthony and I went to bed not too long after we put the little one down around 7:45. We were shocked when she slept through the night! As a result we woke up feeling quite refreshed today. I set out for four sunny miles. So much GREEN! (and so many hills!)



For all of my longtime blog readers who loved street furniture, here’s something special for you:


Which Garmin photo do you like better? Please vote in the comments.

Option #1, from DC a couple of weeks ago:


Option #2, from Brisbane a couple hours ago:


Tough decision :)

When we visited Australia in 2013, I was surprised that when I ordered an “iced coffee,” I ended up getting this:


Five years later, this little “lost in translation” scenario makes for the perfect excuse to drink a milkshake at 10 am. A seemed to be on board with the idea as well.


By the way, I took lots of photos and notes for an upcoming travel tips post, as requested! Let me know if you have any other post ideas in the comments. If not I’ll just keep the running and dessert photos coming :)



5 thoughts on “down under!

  1. Hi Mary! I’m not sure if you remember me but we went to high school together. Your site has been inspiring me for years now- I’m about a 3 year runner (did a half right before I got pregnant and training for my second this spring). I was randomly stalking way back in your site because I’m looking for a good jogging stroller. Did you look at the BOB and decide the Thule was better? A bunch of people have recommended the BOB to me (though they weren’t distance runners), but the Thule looks really sleek and is about $150 cheaper (which I’m def interested in). Anyways, hope you’re having fun in Australia!

    • Hi Alice! Of course I remember you! When we were considering baby names, I thought of the few Alices I knew growing up (including you!) and recalled that the only Alices I knew in the past were always such kind people! Thanks for reading. YES, we looked at both and tried them in the store. The BOB was great, but we didn’t think it was superior to Thule for the price. Thule is by far the sleekest, most “minimal” jogging stroller out there and I love its lightweight, European design. BOB seemed very nice too, but a bit bulkier. And like I said, it didn’t seem any better than THULE for the price difference.

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