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Let’s kick off this post with some street furniture!


And cake. My mom-in-law made a beautiful heart-shaped treat for baby girl’s first birthday. I was in charge of sprinkle duty, and chose pretty pink sparkles. #girlmom


Other carbs of late include BAGELS! I’ve brought the bagel craze to Australia. This time we used molasses instead of honey or malt barley. I think malt barley gives a slightly nuttier flavor, but the molasses was nice too. Fellow bagel-makers — what do you use? And do you put the sweetener in the dough, in the water, or in both?

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Toasted and sandwich-ed:


With a side of coffee! I love the “morning tea” tradition here and we’ve used it as an excuse to eat dessert at 10 am just about every day.


Now that I’m all caught up from yesterday’s post, here’s a shot from this morning’s run!


Anthony and I covered about four miles at a very leisurely pace — I think our final average was something like a 10:30/mile! Lots of stops to walk and navigate through some non-paved, hilly trails.


Tonight we’re letting the grandparents handle bedtime while we go out for date night! Brisbane folks — any restaurant recommendations in the Rosalie area?

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