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One of my favorite Brisbane runs!


Whenever we come to Australia I request three things: 1) eat at least one iced coffee; 2) run up Mt. Coot-tha; and 3) run along the Brisbane River. Today we ticked off #3!


The Brisbane Riverwalk is simply the best. Flat, shaded, wide trails with beautiful views and all the other things runners love like water fountains and restrooms. I wish that DC/NOVA had a park like this — it puts Rock Creek Park to shame 😉


We covered a leisurely eight miles plus some change. I’ve liked all of my “tourist pace” runs here but am looking forward to spicing things up with some speed work when we get back home! I’ve tentatively committed to running the DC half marathon in March so need to start shaping up…


After I typed the above sentence, I Googled the race to see what the actual date is. Now I see that it’s in four weeks. Is that enough time to train? Eek.

At least I’m doing well on the carb-loading front.


Anthony and I went to a fabulous Italian restaurant the other evening for date night. We filled up on lots of antipasti, including polenta sticks stacked like tetris blocks.


Last night we cooked for the whole family and made enchiladas. It was a real treat since Mexican food is rare on this side of the world. The Mexican section of the grocery store was so tiny, though I was impressed to find my favorite chiles in adobo sauce! Would have been a disaster without them.


Speaking of sauces, a bottle of Stubb’s costs $9 over here. Maybe just buy a bottle of wine instead?


Let me leave you with this wonderful fruit called a longan! It’s like a lychee but a little less sweet.


Tell me the most exotic thing you’ve ever eaten!

6 thoughts on “brisbane eats & adventures

  1. yikes … $9 for BBQ! Have you found that the cost of everything in Brisbane is more than the US? Would love to know what its like to grocery shop over there … I had to navigate the shops in England when I was there around Christmas and lets just say that was an EYE OPENER!!

    • yep, everything is a little pricier there, except for wine and maybe a couple of meats and fruits like lamb and lychees :). BUT, when you factor in the exchange rate, some of it evens out a little bit. you also have to think about things like tax, real estate, healthcare, etc. when you’re “really” comparing the cost of living between US and Australia

  2. I always forget how lucky we are to have such amazing running / walking paths in Australia – until I go overseas and out for a run. So many toilets and water fountains!

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