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back home

We made it! That was a loooong 26 hours of travel.


The jetlag is going strong over here and yesterday was a bit of a blur. There was no way I was up early enough to go outside for a run before Anthony left for work, but A and I were able to squeeze in a quick 30 minutes at the gym later in the day!


I didn’t have the motivation to unpack my actual running shoes so these Nike Frees had to do. Do any of you actually run in these shoes on a regular basis? I love them for walking and around the house, but they’re clearly not built for distance running. No support!


Rewinding back to the last bits of our trip… including a day at the beach! Little A loved the sand but wasn’t too sure about the water :)


We stopped for fish and chips after our big morning out, and then spent the rest of the day packing and resting up for the big trip home. Right before the sun went down I slipped out for one last run.


I covered three miles on the above path, which is technically a “bikers only” trail. I guess that makes me a rebel. Not like it matters because I had the trail to myself — no one else was crazy enough to go out there with stormy skies!


And I’m off to continue unpacking and catching up. My to-do list for the next few days includes watching both episodes of The Bachelor that we missed while we were gone. We started watching a little bit when we got home Sunday night (priorities, people) — paired with a sleeping baby, long hot shower, Vietnamese takeout, and a well-deserved beer! Felt great after stuffy airplane life.


What’s the longest trip you’ve ever taken? The 26-hour Australia/US trip is a long one, but my record is still the 38-hour Indonesia/US journey!

2 thoughts on “back home

  1. I’ve never travelled with a baby, but I imagine 26 hours entertaining baby A probably rivals 38 hours just trying to keep yourself occupied! Either way… welcome home!

  2. I’ve never taken much notice of exactly how long trips take, it doesn’t bear thinking about most of the time! But considering I live in Australia, getting pretty much anywhere that isn’t NZ generally takes a very long time.

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