about mary

I’m a young lady living and running and writing in Nashville, Tennessee.

You can contact me at minutespermile@gmail.com.

I’ve been running since 2006. I’ve run nine full marathons and thirteen half marathons: race recaps here. I share tips and tales of my daily jogs and eats here. Since I lived in DC when I started this blog, you’ll find a fair bit of this city in my older posts.

When I’m not running or writing this blog, I work as a copywriter/content specialist for an advertising agency and do some freelance writing on the side. It’s fun!

Some of my most popular posts:



15 thoughts on “about mary

  1. Hi Mary,
    Do you have an email contact? I just discovered your blog via CnC, I live in DC too and have been wanting to check out DCRRC but would like to ask you a few questions about it if you don’t mind! Thanks. Like your blog!

  2. Hey Mary,

    I’m a student at West Virginia University who is on a mission to get students out and being active through our moveWELL challenge. I look forward to following your posts, I know many students here at WVU love to run and I’m even interested in training for a 10K trail run in the fall!

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