about mary

I’m a young lady living and running and writing in Washington, DC.

I’ve been running since 2006 and am an active member of the DC Road Runners Club. I’ve run seven marathons and seven half marathons. I share tips and tales of my daily jogs (and eats!) on this blog.

Some of my most popular  posts:

You can contact me at minutespermile@gmail.com.

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13 thoughts on “about mary

  1. Hi Mary,
    Do you have an email contact? I just discovered your blog via CnC, I live in DC too and have been wanting to check out DCRRC but would like to ask you a few questions about it if you don’t mind! Thanks. Like your blog!

  2. Hey Mary,

    I’m a student at West Virginia University who is on a mission to get students out and being active through our moveWELL challenge. I look forward to following your posts, I know many students here at WVU love to run and I’m even interested in training for a 10K trail run in the fall!

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