I got a bread maker in the summer of 2014. It changed my life! We have actually not bought a single loaf of bread in almost a year. Here are some of my favorite recipes!

1. Cinnamon-apple twist breadapple_cinnamon_swirl_bread_DSC0008

2. Cinnamon & golden raisin breadCinnamon_golden_raisin_bread_DSC0017

3. French-inspired whole wheathomemade_whole_wheat_bread_slices_DSC0052

4. Russian black breadblack_russian_bread_DSC0164

5. Quick sweet breadsweet_quick_loaf_DSC0005

6. Multigrain loafking_arthur_multigrain_bread_DSC0001

7. Harvest grain breadhomemade_grain_bread__DSC0077

8. Rosemary garlic breadrosemary_garlic_bread_DSC0052

9. Bob’s Red Mill vs. King Arthurbob's_red_mill_vs_king_arthur_whole_wheat_flour_DSC0029

10. Chickpea breadchickpea_flour_bread_DSC0143

11. Holiday pumpkin breadbraided_pumpkin_bread_DSC0007

12. Pecan-craisin breadcranberry_pecan_bread__DSC0062

13. King Arthur Italian bread 101italian_bread_sesame_seed_DSC0011

14. Braided seed breadbraided_seed_bread_DSC0206

15. Yeasted banana sandwich breadking_arthur_yeasted_banana_sandwich_bread_DSC0256

16. Truffle oil breadtruffle_oil_bread_DSC0195

17. All-purpose vs. bread floursunflower_seed_bread_2_DSC0362

18. Cranberry-pistachio braided loafcranberry_pistachio_bread

19. Tomato-basil breadtomato_basil_bread

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