Running is my one true love, but I do appreciate working up a good sweat in the gym or at a studio. Here are some relevant fitness-focused links for you!

Nashville-area fitness classes/group reviews

DC-area fitness classes/group reviews 

Workouts for you!


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  1. Hi, we would love to have you try out a circuit at Bmarchai Studios.

    We do Total Body Low Impact Circuit Training, that’s starts with the core and posture while targeting the arms, legs, glutes, and abs.
    In 30 minutes you can get a complete workout and you can get it on your time, because it’s an open circuit, you can just drop in and get small group personal training.
    It’s $80.00 a month for unlimited circuits with no contract, or $20.00 for a day pass.
    The workouts change every week, and we go through almost 900 different exercises.
    Our oldest client is 83 and youngest is 9.
    Whether you’re brand new to working out or looking for a real challenge this is an awesome choice…I’m my opinion :^)

    Breelaun Marchai

    1451 Pennsylvania Ave SE Ste.#1 Washington, DC 20003

  2. Hey Mary! How are you? I wanted to say that you have some awesome content and fun topics and pictures. My wife and I with our two kids live in Thompsons Station, TN and we just began a startup company called AirGym.

    Its a fitness app designed for home gym owners to rent their home gyms to anyone who wants to workout at their space. This could be lifting weights, cardio, pilates, yoga or any gym that you sign up for. OR, a combination of these. It’s also for trainers and people wanting group workouts but don’t want to pay high priced rent (trainers) or high priced group fees.

    I would love any support you could offer by writing about us or pointing me in the right direction for someone who can help us get noticed.
    Thank you for taking time to read this!

    Chris & Sarah Daskam

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