Any runner needs to eat about 5x the amount of a normal person. Which means I have 5x the amount of recipes and restaurant reviews to share with you… !


Without further ado… here’s the list of (novice) recipes:





And here are your restaurants (in alphabetical order according to neighborhood) (and yes I go to Southern Hospitality too many times)





2 thoughts on “food

  1. Hey Mary! It was great meeting you on Monday night at Sinema. Your blog is super fun! If you have some time, check out I contribute a blog about being an indie artist, but the site is about indie music and food fusion.
    Anywho, if I remember correctly you live pretty close to me in East Nashville, right? I’d love to get together sometime to eat or hang or both! Most anything but running. I’m not so great at that unless I’m being chased by a bee or something.
    My husband, son and I just moved here from L.A., so we have alot of catching up to do on the Nashville food scene! Hope all is well.


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